Vaquería del Este

Vaquería del Este is a group of cattle farmers from the southeast region of Uruguay, that devotes toraise and sell beef cattle for the internal market as well as for export. Its main goal is to produce quality meat to reach the best result of the livestock business without neglecting environmental matters. It develops a free-range natural ranching, in open-air and grass-fed par excellence, to satisfy the most demanding consumers.

It is composed, as a civil association, of companies that work in 50 farms located in the states of Rocha, Treinta y Tres, Lavalleja, Maldonado, Canelones and San José. It maintains about 73.500 heads of cattle in a total farmed surface of 88.000 hectares.

Our Pillars


Vaquería del Este started a path with its people and natural resources, pursuing quality, knowledge, productivity and the search of differentiation. Along that path, it built a reputation of reliability supported by its excellent track record.


Vaquería del Este provides a working system in which the members of the association have an assured quality and respect certain unified parameters. The production procedures during rearing and finishing are standardized in a protocole that depicts the common practices to reach homogeneity and consistency.


The region comprises diverse landscape units: mountain range and hills, high, medium, low plains and lacustrine plains, in which different productive systems are developed, adapted to multiple environments.

Our Products

Vaquería del Este markets about 300.000 livestock heads per year, destined to the meat processing industry, for local supply and exports.
Of those, approximately 60% are steers, 30% cows and 10% heifers.