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Protocols & Certifications

One of the key decisions that the association took, in order to define a stable paradigm, was the implementation, since 2003, of a quality management system. Such system is certified by UNIT and AENOR in the ISO 9001:2015 standard, under the scope «bovine sales trade agreements management and advice for monitoring the breeding, rearing and fattening of cattle». Such standard aims to satisfy the needs of the client, implicit or explicit, and, therefore, quality implies, in this case, to understand and perform them.

According to that regulation, the Management establishes the policy, suggests objectives and plans working lines. All the derived processes from this guidelines are developed, evaluated and modified with the goal of enhancing the performance. In fact, it is in harmony with such managing system that each one of the parameters is respected and followed, in every step of the process, by everyone involved. Vaquería del Este’s quality policy can be consulted here The Quality Manual that explains objectives, standards and tools to evaluate processes, activities, formats and procedures, is also available.

Furthermore, all the farms that trade through Vaquería del Este are required to get the certification of the Natural Meat protocol by the National Meat Institute from Uruguay (INAC), that establishes general conditions related to environmental conservation, farming best practices, harmlessness, security and animal welfare. And some of the establishments have even obtained the Never Ever 3 (without antibiotics) certificate. Besides, Vaquería del Este advices and trains all the producers to obtain the Animal Welfare Protocol from INAC.

Ultimately, it’s a question of a working methodology that makes us feel so proud about it, that “Vaquería del Este” was the first collective trademark in Uruguay.