Vaquería del Este markets about 300.000 livestock heads per year, destined to the meat processing industry, for local supply and exports. Of those, approximately 60% are steers, 30% cows and 10% heifers.

Mostly, the breeding, rearing and fattening of that cattle is carried out with grass, free range, in open air, over natural or enhanced pastures, with or without supplements (Grass-fed). It exist, however, a small proportion of animals that are finished with grain coming from fattening pens for specific destinations as HQB 481. We also commercialize steers for pen to be finished by third parties and we perform special programs to provide differentiating process’ certified products to add value.

All of Vaquería del Este’s producers work on a standardized procedures basis to ensure quality, concerning good fat cover, fat, low degree of pH rejection and bruising, and the compliance of standards of animal welfare and good management practices.