Our Pillars - Sustainability


Natural livestock in a sustainable environment

Vaquería’s policy can be summarized in just one sentence: «Improving everyday to produce the best grass-fed meat along with nature and our people». The meaning of “along with nature” goes far beyond just working in a exceptional surrounding, it implies a commitment with sustainability to make possible that productivity objectives and economical profits are reached preserving natural resources and biodiversity.

At least 30.000 hectares of the establishments from Vaquería del Este total surface are kept as natural fields, improved natural fields, swamps and native forest. A territory that allows a vast biological diversity that has been recognized as biosphere reserve area by UNESCO, and also as a key place for migratory birds by the Ramsar Wetlands convention.

This is the environment in which the members of Vaquería del Este live and produce. Aware that the conservation of such heritage is, to a large extent, our responsibility, we committed to minimize the environmental impact of our activities, as a part of the organization policy.