Our Pillars - Reputation


Vaquería del Este’s major wealth is the reputation of reliability that we have built over 20 years of pursuing quality, knowledge, productivity and the search of differentiation. On the basis of the conviction in the privileged resources of the land and its people, we have consolidated a culture of excellence understood in a dynamic manner and based on the continuous improvement to ensure a broad sense client needs product oriented that the most demanding consumers expect and value.

With such powerful tools, we face a changing future with confidence, supporting innovative ideas, pumping motivation in every step of the productive chain, strengthening bridges with the community and integrating every new technology that help us guarantee a better quality for our products.

The commercial reputation that represents having sold more of 350.000 cattle heads under payment for quality agreements, far from being a goal in which we can lie back, is a commitment to move forward everyday with more strength.

A story of Gatherings

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A story of Cooperation

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