Our Pillars - Trajectory - A story of Gatherings

A story of Gatherings

Vaquería del Este is, first of all, the encounter of producers that share a way of understanding, and cherish, their job and their environment.
If we were to establish the first landmark, we could mention a collective journey to Australia and New Zealand, during the nineties, in which they understood, as a group, that it was necessary to get together in order to be competitive in a world that was changing very fast, one in which undifferentiated meat, productivity and quantity would no longer be enough to satisfy the demand of big consumers wary of sanitary problems.

In the discussions following that and other training voyages, they clearly saw that the answer was to replicate, in their property, the innovations they discovered, with the purpose of adding to their products the capability of proving quality. This strengthen the resolution to unite and led to an early, for the region, bet for standards like traceability, that later would become esencial in the whole world.

From that new business point of view, they concluded that, in order to consolidate a greater projection and a more stable development, it was necessary to build a relationship of understanding and harmony with their key partners, the slaughterhouses, because that would mean to produce following final consumer needs. It was no longer a matter of staying in their side of the production chain, in the origin, but going several steps forward to match the taste of final buyers, not only from Uruguay, but thinking in a global market.

Then, following the permanent advice of technical experts, Vaquería del Este came to life as an independent group, with their own brand and logo, refining contracts with the meat industry, establishing anual agreements, and launching an homogenization process in cattle handling and registers that ended in a quality handbook that guides, since then, a new way of valuing their business from one side and the other of the production chain